Do you have trouble creating outfits?

Here’s a female medieval, peasant outfit:

(this one has a lot of layering and that may bother you, so I’m attaching two versions)

more accurate

no weird layering

Here’s the male version:

no weird layering


thank you soo much :heart::heart:

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thank you much :blush:

can I request an outfit for myself also like 10 outfit

I’ll give you credit at end of my stories

My favorite color is anything

I like to wear jeans, leggings, shorts, shoes, heels

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What style would you want the outfits to be in?

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Everyday outfit like lazy outfit and sunny day outfit :smiley:

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10 lazy outfits for a sunny day:

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I love it :heart_eyes::smiley: thank you so much

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Hello May.

I’ll need some outfits again.

For a new story sequel.

I need some outfit for:

For the female MC: She likes to be shy, and nice but don’t get her on a bad side.

For the male Ll: He likes to be shy, and nice

For the male Ll: He has a daughter: She nice, a little crazy she is a happy person she only 4 or 5 year old.