Do you know any good artists that are free (read desc)

I want a episode four drawer here on episode or insta - that can do a semi-realistic cover like this style:

someone that does it for free!

If you’re looking for semi-realistic it might be hard to find someone who does it free since it takes time and isn’t the easiest style.

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yes true :((

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Your best bet would be to enter some kind of art giveaway that artists do sometimes if you want this style. You aren’t likely to find it for free. If the cover being free is more important than the style, then I’d recommend putting a request into one of the free art shops here on the forums (they do edited covers).

idk is this is what you are looking for but @versearrow does great covers :revolving_hearts:
:maple_leaf: toronto man’s art shop :maple_leaf: {OPEN FOR BUSINESS}

I guess it also depends on what you want drawing and how complex it is - if you have more of a detailed description of what you want people may find it easier to point you in the direction of someone who can help you.

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