Do you know any good editing apps?



Hi. I make my art digitally but I want more apps to use. So if anyone knows a good app for computers (windows) for editing artwork with no need to download the app then I’m very grateful.

~Gabrielle :hearts:




@Dangrousdiva thank you, but I use it already


Also do you know an app where you can edit the characters cosmetically?


Try Ibis Paint X…
Its an app for mobile though…
Here’s what I made using that-

I know it doesn’t look good but I drew it on that and that’s how it turned out…
Let me know how it looks


Cosmetically as in makeup right??


It’s beautiful! I use that too, but I want it to be for coomputers.




I use krita, but you have to download it.


you can use Gimp its a great app (or a website) and its for computer and its FREE.(Not sure)


It says I have to download :sweat:


your best bet is to actually download an editing app. you’ll get better results


So, its an app…:face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


she wanted:


Yeah, looks like it’s the best choice


I didn’t read that part…


you can try gimp,, firealpaca. they’re free to download.


Good app or a website. Whatever I can use to edit images cosmetically, crop them or use different filters.


You can try photoshop website I use that as well to edit sometimes…


pixlr maybe this one?

for better results, I would download an app or even buy one. I use paint tool sai, but it’s kind of pricey (69$ what) but you can try out the 30 day trial.