Do you know any story where you're the bad guy?

I can’t find any stories where I’m the bad guy and I’m tired of being the protagonist whose always suffering because of the enemy, so if you know any good stories PLEASE LET ME KNOW! THANK YOU SO MUCH :heart:

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“Bad Guy” in the sense that you’re the Mean Girl at school or an actual Villian Protagonist or Anti-Hero ?

Lot’s of people ask for “Bad Guy” protagonists bUt really just want to play the mean bitch who rules the school.

The jealously game by Janna Valentina. You play as Alexa, the queen bee of the school.
Dirty, sexy, teenagers by Lucky V. You play as spoiled brat, Bella.
I’m not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for but these aren’t typical protagonist stories

I know H & V : Bad to the Bone, by @LeeFunkEpisode has a protagonist who is a bad protagonist. Like He / She (pick gender) is heartless and has a mission to kill their parents. It’s like playing as serial killer . . . but it might not exactly be what you are looking for, but I recommend it nevertheless.