Do you know the person who made this background?

For I could credit

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That doesn’t look like a background that was made, and it seems like it could be from google or pinterest.

I remember seeing it on here

Or someone drive

I have no idea, it looks like it’s possibly a 3D render.
The type of backgrounds that Jen, Wincy, Cora and I make (I think Andrea Hailey does them too, I’m not sure). :thinking:
It’s not mine but I think perhaps check out @TalGordin and her background creator list. Her IG is @/writtenbytal. Maybe also check out Cora’s drive (@/moonfairy.episode on IG) since I don’t know what’s in there. I just know she renders backgrounds and perhaps check out Andrea Hailey’s page and drive (@/andrea.h.episode on IG).

If you got it from the forums and interacted with the thread, you should be able to find it in your “activity” section of your profile. Perhaps also check your drive and look through the ones you’ve previously accessed since it could be there - other than that, maybe check your browser history.

And with that— I’m out of ideas. I’m sorry, if I knew I would tell you but at this point, I’m just guessing and spurting out all the things I can think of. :skull::heart:


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