Do You Know These Stories?

So one story is about this woman who was engaged. She got cheated on and she goes out to party (her name is Eva) and she meets this guy who got cheated on too called Charlie. She and him agree to have a no strings relationship but develop feels for each other. Charlie’s parents are rich, and have something against Eva. Eva has developed feels for Charlie.

Other one is about this woman who is abandoned by her ex and she was pregnant so now she is a single mother. He has left her and he comes back - he’s married with a kid who looks exactly like his wife’s mother. The latest bit I was on was she was in a coma (eek spoiler).

I absolutely loved these stories and if anybody knows the names of these stories, I will be eternally grateful!

What happened was I lost the progress as I got a new phone a while ago. I searched inside and out finding nothing. It is a shame because I enjoyed these stories so so much.


Hi ^^ for the first one I think it’s “Revenge Daddy” and for the 2nd one I think it’s “Stripper” or “Stripped” I don’t really remember ^^


I no like comas. And sorry to say, I don’t know these stories :confounded: EEK IM SO SORRY I WISH I COULD HELP YOUUUU :sweat:

Sorry I check and the first one isn’t “Revenge daddy” sorry :sweat:

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