Do you know this song, if not would you like to listen to it?

It’s called Resonance by home, and there is something very interesting about it.


You see, this song has a certain effect on people, they all imagine the same retro purple image when listening. I found this very interesting, so I’d like to ask what you guys feel and imagine while listening to this song.


I just listened to it now…wow. I like it! It is interesting.

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Yea it has a weird effect on me when I listen to it.
Did you have the same purple retro 90’s vibe too?

Yeahhh, I did!

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I didn’t imagine anything :woman_shrugging:t2::joy::joy:


Okay, try and give a description of what you feel/think about when you listen to it.
Like for example, when I listen to lofi hiphop I think about sitting at a desk, with headphones on. Drinking hot coffee, while making doing my homework.

But when I listen to Resonance by home, I feel nostalgia from something that I’ve never experienced before. Purple aesthetics, while driving at night. It’s like resonance is the ghost of 80’s music, roaming around in a 2060 city. Like I said, it’s like experiencing something nostalgic. Even though I was born in 2005! I have no connection to the 80’s, so how come I feel Nostalgia of something I’ve never had anything to do with? It’s like I’m trying to re-live a nonexistent memory. I have also noticed that I feel something different than nostalgia, something futuristic. So how can you make a song feel like it comes from the past, but also from the future? There are lot’s of people who’ve felt the same. And it truly interests me. How is this piece able to not alone effect me, but millions of others?

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