Do you know this story?

I am looking for an episode about a girl who is an editor and works for an man that she tries to date but it doesn’t work out. She ends up falling for her college English professor Mr. Montgomery. Any help finding this would be awesome!!

The intern: flirting with trouble
By Annaliese Allen

Was it deleted?

I can’t find it. I know it hadn’t been updated in a long time so I’m not sure :woman_shrugging:t3:

I read a story on episode two years ago but I cannot remember the story’s name it’s taken from a Japanese show called hana yori dango. It talks about a hardworking girl who is in a school for rich people. Her chances of having friends are limited because of her different social status. Worse yet, the school is ruled by the F4 or Flower Four.
If anyone knows this story plz tell me the name

Love Hate

I think thats what its called on Episode. It also has a sequel.

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Thank u💕

Do you know the author of the story?

Thank you!!

I don’t sorry. I just know that’s the name of the story.

Your welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

I can’t find the story was it deleted?

I’m not sure. There was a time when I saw it in the tending for a while but from the short amount of it I read, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was. It’s also a copyright issue so it may have been banned. I could be wrong though.

Moved to Episode Fan Community as this is an Episode-specific post. Did you find the story you were looking for @MegL17? :slight_smile:

I got the name but can’t find the story.

Me too

I thought The Intern: Flirting with Trouble was by Addison Rae? (Could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure it’s not Annaliese?)
Anyway, if it is by Addison, I think it may have been banned.

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I knew it began with A! :joy: It was a long time ago I read it and I couldn’t remember.

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