Do you know what pilot episode mean?

i see it quite too often that authors write. this is a pilot episode which is

A: why it is short
B: why it sucks
C: why there is no choice

people are basically using the word pilot episode as an excuse to make a bad chapter.

a pilot episode is the first episode made of a show. the one episode there needs to sell. they make this in hope that the tv station will let them make an entire season. Its purpose is to introduce the characters to an audience before the creators decide on whether or not they intend to pursue a series with those characters. Television networks use pilots to discover whether an entertaining concept can be successfully realized. After seeing this sample of the proposed product, networks will then determine whether the expense of additional episodes is justified.

so please stop using the pilot episode as an excuse to make a bad first episode.

edit: a lot of people talk about the no choice. i agree that may not be as important i only did include it cause they often say there aren’t any choice cause it is a pilot


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Oh I hate that.
“The first three chapters are pilots. It gets better from chapter 4”
That’s my cue to exit lol.


:100: If an author says that, it means they’re acknowledging that they know they could do better, that it’s not a good standard. They’re telling you that even they themselves know it’s bad, but they still want you to read it instead of making it something they can be proud of. Where is the logic in that?


Honestly, the only one I could stand is the lack of choices in the first episode, and only if the story already looks promising and the directing has been proven top-notch by the end. And even then, I think the author should not tell us and just add a lot of choices in the second episode based on/directly linked to what we saw in first one.

It is a risky move, though, as not many may stick around after an entire episode without choices no matter the quality. But that is the one thing I would excuse, and, like I said, only under certain circumstances.


i could not agree more.

I don’t mind a lack of choices, but I agree that “it’s a pilot episode” isn’t a good excuse for an episode being short or boring. The whole purpose of a pilot is to catch people’s attention so they want more. If anything, your pilot episode should be the best/most interesting one (though not by too much, because then you’re setting up for disappointment). The word that better fits a lot of these episodes would be “prologue” or “exposition”, and even those should grab the reader’s interest while setting up the rest of the story.


I do agree about the excuses of the “pilot episodes” but I mean for choices it’s the first episode you can’t expect a bunch of choices because it just started. :hugs:

yeah but they still say it

Fun fact, well maybe not fun, but pilot episodes are from pilot studies. In psychology & biology & any subject really, pilot studies are used to test that the experiment works. Obviously people know what pilot episodes are for. But I don’t understand, if you have to publish 3 episodes to start with, shouldn’t all 3 be classed as pilot episodes? I never use pilot episodes, if authors want to test how people like their story they should have beta readers and use share my story link before it’s published, then they can take the pilot episode out.


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