Do you know your best friend well? 💋

If you know your best friend well, what is a phrase/word that they usually say?
What is a phrase/word that I usually say? :sunglasses:


I don’t have a best friend but my close friend is
@Jenny_moon I guess
She is usually straight forward and the worst observer for things ever but she has a kind heart. Actually, No scuse me a kind soul


i have no best friends :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Something about some butt :joy:

what is a best friend i-


My best friend is unpredictable :rofl:


Wierdo and caring at same time​:sweat_smile::dizzy_face::dizzy_face:.

Not sure if this counts as phrases but I know things my epi besties do often

@Annieways adds :smiley: <— that smiley phase to a lot of comments (the original emojis forums had were better at this though) and she does it because she thinks maybe people will think she’s rude if she doesn’t have the smiley face to set the tone of the message… And it has to be that specific smiley face because it’s a very good balance of happiness and craziness.

@JemU776 adds “OK sis” to the end of a lot of her messages to me and then usually adds a few emojis. She does it in, like, a telling manner that lets me know what she’s saying is not up for discussion. Like…

You are awesome, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, OK sis :blob_hearts: :smiley: :heart_eyes_cat:

And yes, it is always something positive like that too :wink:


Oh gosh :joy: hmm… she says lmao a lot :rofl:

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Heyyy! Not true :unamused:

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sis! what’s the tea?
bitch then she slaps me

Unlike @amberose, I’m the worst observer, but I think she uses hahahaha pretty often, and I love it :smiley:

And @JemU776… Besides “OK sis”, I don’t think she has many common phrases, but she definitely has a way with words that leaves you speechless and she is able to do this in the most unexpected moments :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I feel you

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Just say I’m a daydreamer and that’s true @luckyvirgo :joy:

Erm, a person. :nail_care:t4:

Anyone or anything you hold dear to you :relieved::heart:

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That’s not a what best friend means–

Best friend means some who always has your back, some who loves you a lot, makes you laugh, and cares about you

That is the definition of best friend @lvqbrl :purple_heart:

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