Do you like Art Scenes in stories or it depends?

Hello everyone! I’m back with another topic to talk about. Thank you so much for the support of my previous topic, <3! This thread is NOT to offend any artists out there, I just wanna get people’s opinion.

First, a message. :wink: Seeing many of your art is so gorgeous and astonishing, while I might be a critic but I gotta say all of you artists out there are so amazing. :heart:

When I read a story that contained Art Scenes, I developed a passion for it. I love it! It simply made my imagination go stronger! As the years past, I’ve seen more and more art scenes, but the one thing that I kinda have a pet peeve with is that some scenes have to contain an art scene or mostly the entire chapter. I’M SORRY TO OFFEND YOU. I FEEL SUPER BAD NOW. I’m not trying to change your mind on it and stop doing it, I just think that I wanna read the story and imagine it myself how it would be like, but having art scenes in many scenes sort of abuses its power a bit.

Let me explain. :wink:

I know that several authors do this and I’m not trying to say that is a bad method and you should stop doing it. Again, you can do anything that you want to! But, having Art scenes just makes me feels like a bit bummed out for one reason. Imagination! I wanna imagine it myself without an art scene coming every 5 minutes or so. I appreciate authors that say “You’ve unlocked an Art scene!”

But, at the same time, I wish that authors would put “You’ve unlocked an Art scene! Would you like to view it or not?” Kinda the same method that some writers do when mature themes are about to appear and ask the reader if they want to read it or skip it.

I love Art, it’s so beautiful to admire it! I just wanted to make a point. Again, I am not trying to discourage you. This is my opinion, please respect it and I will respect yours. :)) I feel like I am the only person that agrees with it. If you were confused about what I meant, let me make it a bit easier.


Let’s review what I tried to say. Art scenes are so amazing to look at, but for me, personally…I think that writers putting art scenes several times in a chapter kinda abuses it. I am not trying to offend you, I just think that I want time to experience imagination myself without being attacked by art scenes. NO OFFENSE! For artists/writers, I suggest if you are about to show an art scene, you could try asking the reader if they want to see it or not unless for different reasons, of course.

Art scenes are a great way to show readers how the protagonist will look like, specific scenes, etc! I apologize again to offend any of you and for repeating myself, my bad. Let me know what you think and enjoy your day! :smiley:

Just remember, always use…



I love art scenes they make the scene feels so realistic you can feel it


Oh my god, so true! I tried to explain it, but I didn’t know how! Preach!

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I love art scenes! As an artist myself, it so fun to see what other artists whip up! But yes, I feel that some can get a little excessive… Stories by Mette M. Peleikis are one of the stories where I like and look forward to new art scenes…

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Oh wow, you just guessed the first story that I read that contained Art scenes! I agree with you! :))

Love them

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I think they’re fun and different when they don’t stay on the screen for so long. In some stories they really drag them out. I get that the artist put a lot of work into it, but making it like 2 minutes long is just too much. If that all makes sense?

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That was written very well. I agree, I do love them, but I won’t let them judge my choices- I read stories mostly for the plot. My favourite story does not contain art scenes. However, I do look for good directing, so even if a plot is good, I’d read it, but it still wouldn’t be as attractive. I don’t know, it’s the way I view stories. Also, I don’t like huge paragraphs of text during an art scenes as it covers it/ distracts it/ is a little uncomfortable regarding sexual scenes etc. I do love it when there’s a choice to view it or not though, and unlocking one does make me feel special. :blush: Anyhow, it’s just my opinion.


I like art scenes in stories that don’t have customization. When they do have customization, it doesn’t really make sense to include them because the characters could end up looking different, which is jarring.