Do you like Descriptive Narration?

Hi there! I’m currently writing a story and I’m in need of the public’s opinion.
I’m a BIG reader! :books:
The one thing I enjoy from books the most is being able to read and then visualize what I think is going on.
However, books and episode stories are 2 different things.
When it comes to descriptive narrating on episode, do you find it entertaining or unnecessary?

And when I say descriptive, I don’t mean being lazy and writing everything instead of directing.
I mean actually describing the way a character may look or how they feel.

  • Necessary
  • Unnecessary

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I used to think it didn’t bother that much, until I reread my first story and was like “how are readers supposed to understand MC logic or humour of they never hear like a voice over?”

So I add it in now, but sparingly. I don’t want to overkill it.


I think it depends entirely on the style of the story and the quality of the writing. When narration is poorly written and used to tell things that can easily be shown in the story or through dialogue, it gets tedious. On the other hand, some of my absolute favorite episodes are very narration heavy, but they’re written in a way that more resembles a novel, so the narration works (and the writing style is beautiful).


Well written narration can take a story to the next level. Badly written narration can make a story drag, so it definitely depends on the writer.


I guess it makes the readers connect more with the feelings of the characters, for example, my upcoming story. I want the readers to cry (hence the sad ending) just like I did for “Dripping Mascara”. Except, I want reality to kick in for my story, that self-love is more important than loving someone else, because you can’t love someone else if you haven’t unto yourself. I use a lot of figurative language, like in poems (which I also write). It makes the description only comprehendible to those who can see past the lines. After reading Rupi Kaur poems, it inspired me to add emotion and description together. :purple_heart:


I think written narration helps us connect with the character more than if we just show what they do or have them tell it to other people. I use it to describe a character’s inner thoughts or to explain certain things in a humorous way through their eyes. Okay, we can see that the MC has two brothers and a sister, but what does she think about them? I like it when we get to see the world through another character’s perspective.


I honestly think it depends. In general, I think it’s unnecessary but I have read some stories which are narrated beautifully. In general I prefer to be shown rather than told, but sometimes it’s nice to get some narration to really get to know the characters.
On the flip side, I’ve stopped reading stories because the narration was too much for me. As much as I love reading novels, that’s not what I want to do when I’m playing Episode.


Depends on the story
And to me things should be shown and not said sometimes
MC when they see love intrest: “He was radiant. His eyes shone like beautiful jades. His skin was a beautiful tone and a smile of dazziling and charming pearls. He looked at me and winked i could feel my heart flutter in my chest. His luscious locks tickled me as he drew closer blah blah…”
That is…too much…^ (show things dont say them)


It can be helpful but I find it can be overused too.

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I love it.
Descriptive narration is why Dripping Mascara and Wasted Roses are such strong stories.


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