Do you like drama, romance and more drama?

Title: The Princess Elizabeth.
Description: When Elizabeth has to be married for ascend to the throne… A lot of problems will cross her path.
-Choices matter.
-Two cute love interest.
-Cc, several endings.

My instagram is: @belen_episode_writing

How many episodes are there

Also my story is also drama/romance if you or anyone wants to check it out (self promo :crazy_face::v:t3:)
Title Secrets

Author Your._.girl. _.kay

Chapters Three more coming soon!

Genre Drama/Romance

Style Limelight

Description Kaylee Smith is a goody two shoes that doesn’t trust most.What happens when she finds out most of her life was a lie and everyone she trusted was keeping secrets from her?



14 for now! Just one more for finishing the first season :smiley:

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Ok maybe I’ll check it out

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