Do you like Dressing Games? (poll, poll, poll)

So the title says it all. I personally kind of hate them because some authors put just too much dressing game in their story. I feel like it’s better to add a dressing game to the story for special occasions such as going on a date or going to a party but not a dressing game for the MC starting a new day at work or at school. I find it cool that the author put some efforts in doing multiple outfits but, yea… Idk what you think about it. Please, let me know your thoughts! I need them! :sweat_smile:

  • I love dressing games!
  • Just occasionally!
  • I hate them.

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I like them but sometimes they are too much, I roll my eyes if I get more than one in a chapter

I had one where I picked an outfit, five second later she was in a store buying a new outfit she put on. so that was two dressings between ten lines. one of them was unesesary


Exactly! That’s what I hate the most with dressing games.

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I love them if it doesn’t get too repetitive in a chapter, I feel like one dressing game per chapter is enough!
Also i would rather it to be smooth and fast rather than taking 10 seconds to change yk? :sneezing_face:

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I like dressing games because it let’s you have a little bit more freedom with the style of the character. Not everyone likes the same stuff, so dressing games are good, especially when the outfits are pretty different styles.
I do agree though, if the author adds more than one in a chapter, it is a bit much, mainly if the character will only end up wearing it for a short time anyway.
It’s also really unnecessary to take more than three seconds to change an outfit. :woman_facepalming:


I agree, one per chapter can be enough but even that is too much for me. I understand when you say that it has to be short. Sometimes, when you pick an outfit, there alors like zooms that lasts for 20 seconds before asking : do you like this style? Or whatever. :joy:
Like, yea, make it short too!

Yess, I agree to this! Dressing games are great! But it has to not be redundant… This is something that will make me want to stop reading a story, no joke, lol.

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In general people actually really like them and don’t like not being able to change outfits, though they might still thinking choosing 3 or 4 outfits in a chapter is too many. Personally, I’m not a fan lmao. It’s obviously not a dealbreaker having to choose outfits bc then i wouldn’t have any stories to read but I usually just pick the first one I see.

The newer dressing games that are just fast tap arrows are my preference if I have to choose an outfit bc it’s really quick and you don’t have to wait for the MC to model all the outfits or guess what the outfit will have based on the name. But I kind of like the idea of an MC with a developed sense of style and whose outfits I don’t have to pick.


Yes, I feel like it’s a 50/50. People lives to choose their outfits but the quicker it is, the better it is!

As others say above, I enjoy them as long as it’s not every few scenes.

For example, of something I dislike, wOw I gEt To PiCk My PjS which I will wear for one scene then back to the normal attire. I also dislike when the MC goes shopping only to buy every outfit (why does this happen frequently?). Also mentioned above is I strongly dislike when the dressing games are very long. I read this story where it took like twenty seconds to change clothes (out of screen, in screen, undress, redress…etc) and I stopped reading because of that.

What I do like is outfits with a bit of thought into them… more than just tap-shoes and tap-dress, if that makes sense.