Do you like gems choices, yes or no

I don’t like them because I rarely have enough gems

I’m not generally a fan of those 20 gem choices for clothing outfits especially. (Those are so annoying! Usually, the free choice is really unappealing clothing / clothing that has stains, that are meant to embarrass the mc.

But the only choices I think are worth spending gems on are bonus scenes you wouldn’t have otherwise (That are worth it, and not just some 30 second bonus scene with little to no effort into creating it). Just my opinion. :kissing_heart:

I don’t usually mind gem choices. I understand the reasoning behind them, but it’s the execution of them that bothers me. And the app itself sometimes. I don’t read Episode Official stories anymore so that really cut out on my dislike of gem choices, however. I think that a lot of Community Authors who put gem choices in their stories do it right. @Caitoriri is wonderful example I think of for correct gem choice implication. And because she’s wonderful and an amazing author, I’ve gotten a couple of her gem choices to support her and I will also use my gems to support other community authors. There are people who are so quick to hate on something that is completely optional that they don’t stop to think of the benefits it could possibly bring to the same people they want to support.




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Aww, thanks Moon :heart:
It’s important to me that all content that can be gained with gems in my story is achievable without gems too, while still providing myself with a little extra something.

But, the way Episode does gem choices is awful. They make it sound like the world is going to end if you don’t choose the choice, sometimes shame you if you don’t, and then the story and ending barely change no matter which option you pick :woman_shrugging:

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I don’t include gem choices in my stories nor am I planning to because I don’t like them :sweat_smile:

But it’s fine if other people wanna include them, it’s totally their choice. It can even help them ^^

No. It takes so long to save up enough gems just for one choice and the choice is never worth spending on. At least if you’re going to make us spend so many gems, give us our money’s worth.

No, they suck.

When I just started to play Episode I’ve tried some gem-stories, but man…It’s not only the fact that it’s totally absurd that you need 20 gems to wear a damn dress, but also that these stories are total crap in my opinion. I never read gem-stories anymore and don’t miss anything.


Sometimes, it’s useless and annoying.

I read a story, I forgot what’s it called, but in the story, the Mc and her friend had to attack a monster. And you’re forced to use gems, if not, you’ll die and have to restart. I think the story got deleted but it was a year ago when I read it.

No. They are too expensive.

I know that companies have to make money somehow beyond ads, so the existence of gems choices doesn’t bother me. The biggest problem is that featured story gem choices have so little meaning, purpose, and personal enjoyment imo that there is no incentive to spend money on them - ever. Diamond choices (from the Choices app) is a much better implementation of the exact same concept.


I don’t like having to pay every week with my allowance to use them :grimacing:

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Why they made diamond choices? What are advantages?

I personality hate gem choices. It’s unfair that (speaking as a teen with no money :joy:) I have to spend gems to even get a good storyline. Not being able to have amazing outfits is bad enough, but the fact that without gems, the story is affected negatively, is plain annoying. Especially when the gem option is the only one that is morally better, and the free option is something that is rude to do/should not be done (as in, in A Little More Me, when the gem option is to be nice to your neighbour and invite him to dinner, and the free option is to be a rude human being and let him starve lol. There was also a story I read long ago when the free option was to streak naked, and the gem option was to use logic and reason and not).

This is very annoying. It’s always: extremely beautiful outfit with exciting new features that Episode hasn’t released into the Writer’s Portal yet, or very, very, very, unsuitable-for-the-occasion-in-the-story-almost casual. No in-between, or third option that is even possibly cheaper (bc I know Episode has to make money some way, but really, it would be nice if it was less than 25 whole gems - maybe 10 gems- and maybe then more people would actually spend gems.)

This is exactly it. The problem I have with most of the featured stories (other than cliches, of course) is that, without spending 25 gems per choice, times 3 choices per episode (we all know what Episode is like) times 20, more or less, episodes, of which I am too lazy to do the maths, but is a hell of a lot, the end result, or the quality/plot of the story is, not necessarily worse, but definitely diminished in a great way, and less dazzling. Major parts of the plot, or plot opportunities, don’t get to be opened without some gems, and usually scenes where the love interests are characteristically developed cost too. I didn’t even make it through The K*ss List, because after watching videos of people playing it with every gem choice (lucky) I knew I would be a goner without spending gems lol, because even important decisions in featured stories have definite consequences that affect the story, so the reader has no other choice but to painstakingly earn gems (broke teen) or pay money ( adult with money who also shouldn’t have to spend $1.99 for a decent plot) or else get a diminished version of a great plot, all because of gems.
Wow, I apologise for my extremely long rant. All in all, gem choices suck.

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They’re like gem choices, but in my opinion, much better written overall and longer. It sucks to pay, but they have opportunities to earn diamonds through reading new chapters and sitting through the occasional ad. If a company wants their app to stay in business, this is the kind of thing that’s necessary.

I hate them. It takes away from the story because most of them (especially in the Episode Original stories) have either a really awesome choice that’s 65 000 gems or a really shitty choice that’s free and now your character will be severely judged because of a FREAKING OUTFIT

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To sum up everyone’s comments.


Nope! I don’t like the fact that we have to pay for them as well.