Do you like mini games?

Personally, I don’t, so I’ve never added one. But I have one in mind and wondering if it’s worth the time to code it. Comments welcome.

Do you like mini-games?
  • Yes
  • No

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I do! I think it adds a layer of interactivity to your story, and also shows the author’s coding skills. I have multiple mimigames in my story that are fun and add to the experience, but also aren’t necessary to the plot so I provide the option to skip for those who would rather not play them.


Hmm, I’ve never come across one that allows you to skip. Nice gesture.

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@Matilda_the_lovely, the only issue with mini games is they can be problematic…

For example, I read a story a while ago full of mini games and it was a great story but I gave up reading after I got bored of having to constantly message the author after experiencing issues with the mini games like where the screen freezes and there is no way to return to the story.

My device is fine with pannable screens etc, but occassionally episode has glitches mid game and the whole screen either freezes or loops whatever was happening (:


I do, the only problem is the amount of glitches that can happen might ruin the story for a lot of readers


I agree with u (:


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