Do you like my outfits for Limelight?



Yeah, they’re nice. Cool you used Ink outfits but note they can be glitchy. :blush:

I’ve tried them and aren’t glitchy😎

Yeah, just some can be. They look good anyways! :smile:

How did you do that

Check her thread on it here:

Winter xx

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Happy to help! :wink:

Not really, I’ve tried a lot and most of them look really good. And they aren’t glitchy

Okay, cool. :slight_smile:

If you do INK characters and then put limelight clothing on them, then the new v-neck dress is glichy

I know this. It works better with the old outfits. not all but most probably


OH MY GOSH! It worked! LOL

I never tried this before!

didn’t work for me

It’s confusing until you actually do it, then your like “OH! Oh wow! lol!”

So first, you create a new story > click on the chracter button > switch to Ink, BUT DO NOT CHOOSE INK! > Go to the website bar > you will see www. episodeinteractive .com/write/story/Demi_Lovato_RnNS/2 > where the word “story” is, replace it with “character.” > all character styles will pop up - Classic, Ink, and Limelight.

I recommend creating an Ink character to first, because I created a classic character with the other two styles and I’m having trouble with making new outfits for Ink.

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love them fabulous job! :clap:

They’re so cute!:heart_eyes: