Do you like romantic subplots or do you prefer episode stories without them?

just wondered what most of you think that’s all

I do prefer when a story has romance elements but its not the be all and end all like if a stories good without its good yano


I like to add some romance but have it as a choice. 9/10 I end up liking the character and choose to be with them :rofl: but I still like the option to not have to have a relationship with them if I choose not to.


I like romantic subplots. I actually prefer romantic subplots over romantic plots tbh. I really like Clockwork Hearts, Trapped, and Behind the Wall for that reason. Yes they have romance, but they also have a plot that could thrive without it. The story I’m working on doesn’t introduce a love interest for any of the characters until season 2! I want the plot to heavily overshadow the romance, and for the romance to be a little treat for readers.


I’ve seen some stories that add a platonic route, which satisfies both parties (those who want romance and those who don’t), but it does entail extra coding.


I prefer unnecessary romantic subplots kept out of stories. If I’m reading a short story, mystery, thriller, or horror story, unless the characters were already in a relationship, romance takes away from the main story. Besides, for asexual/aromantic readers like myself, it’s kind of nice to be reminded that there’s other goals and relationships just as meaningful as romantic pursuits.


I like them. But they’re easily overdone and can overshadow the main plot. As long as the romance isn’t anything too cheesy or unrealistic (or toxic), I’m okay with it.