Do you like sequels of Episode stories?

Do you like when episode stories have spin offs or sequels?
If you do , would you want the same characters in a new story or new characters in the same story ?


If it was a good story? Yes. It is like you are continuing the original story.

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Yeah I love them too.
How do you feel about stories that are different characters but under the same name?

Honestly the only one I liked so far was Infamous 2. I liked how Kayla created new main characters but gave some screen time to the original team as well. I think her writing style is engaging in general, but that story is still my favourite from all her works and I was relieved she didn’t disappoint me with the sequel.
Other authors usually do. I often have the feeling they only continue a story because they would like to have more reads but they don’t really have an original idea for the sequel and they can’t add anything to the story anymore.

(But if anyone can recommend good sequels, I would love to read them!)


That’s a fair point. Sometimes they do get a bit repetitive however I like feeling still connected with that world through sequels

I think I actually prefer to have no sequels. It’s nice to have an open ending and the reader can use their imagination to decide what happens next

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I agree with certain series. But some series i’d deffo keep the sequels.

How do you mean about different characters but under the same name?

For example.
Campus Crush had a main character that was different from Campus Crush 2 but both are still in the Campus Crush franchise :slight_smile:

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Ahhh yes. That shows the two types of sequels.

  1. Continuation of a previous story.
  2. The same story, with new characters.
    I think Final Destination somewhat encompases both of these priciples.
    I think if they are dragged out, like redoing the same story over and over, they can be very boring. Same s***… different day.
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Yes it depends.
I really loved sequels usually with Chain Reaction or Deep Attraction.
However they’re are some sequels that are just bad and shouldn’t have been made. Campus Crush 2 and 3 come to mind.

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I love sequels too!
Most of them!
I get connected with stories and especially long ones so I miss the character so I get excited over sequels.
Some aren’t done the best but most are

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Depending on the story to be honest I was fine with chain reaction until i realise it’s the exact same story just different charcters. Very rare to come across a very good sequel.

Haha I don’t think it’s the exact same but honestly I loved chain reaction so I was great with it.
However I get what you’re saying.

I loved it too the first two the 3rd one I didn’t like as much.

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Absolutely fair.
Any other sequels that you really love or really hate?

The only other sequels I’ve read and liked is could be the one? Which is a sequel of falling for you more of a comedy more then anything and I like it’s not a serious story the gang in it are pretty bad.
Revenge baby reading currently liked revenge daddy and thought I would give it a chance so far could take it or leave it.
I read damaged good loved the first one but the second one is seriously lacking.
These are the ones and including chain reaction that I’ve ever read the sequal after chapter 1.

All have there good points but could he be the one is the only sequel that’s better then the main story.

I really like ones where the sequel can be about the children of the first book because you still get to see the original characters. Like Grace, the sequel of Blake.

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Yes. Chain Reaction did the same thing with Theo and Alexandra.
& I love when the same character from the first one are still in the 2nd

Oh Chain Reaction :sob::sob:

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