Do you like sequels of Episode stories?


Oh Chain Reaction :sob::sob:


It depends. I like when there are stories about MC’s sons or daughters! But their story don’t have to be the copy of the previous one. For example, I really love Maid For You spin off!


Yeah I do too!
I love sequels.
I really like them when they’re about the same character too from the first one cause we are attached


I like sequels, but only when the plot has a way to continue (which nearly every plot does). EX: Say the characters get married and there’s a daughter you want to know more about or something, or maybe after the problem is solved, you want to know more about what happens when the characters grow up. Also, the plot s/could be totally different from the first plot so it wouldn’t make much sense if it was still in the first story.


I like some of the sequels. My favorite would probably be the “Georgia” stories. Besides that, none of the other ones really wow me… I never liked CR in the first place, so I didn’t like the sequels, and Mean Girls was also bad to begin with (but to be honest it got better as it progressed). I wish they would make sequels for Glamanour Heights and Juvie. I’ve heard they’re working on a Juvie sequel, but we’ve been waiting for Glamanour Heights 2 now for like… 4 years… they really screwed over Gregger on that one.


Juvie was fantastic!!!


I feel like it’s one of the only Episode Original stories with any… originality. Gregger is a great author.


depends on what it is and if a season 2 is required