Do you like spilling the tea?

Sup guys! I usually like hearing gossip a bit cause you know it seems interesting. Like who is your crush, like yeah. I do like to spill the tea a bit, and I also like hearing weird secrets. Do you like spilling the tea? :tea:


I don’t usually spillzaz my tea, coz I have nuu tea to spill :joy::joy::joy:

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I have a load of weird secrets that aren’t really secretsz

Bahaha, I heard super weird secrets in my school. It is real messed up lol.

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:joy: when I was in school I heard loads of secrets and rumours

Ikr! There were so many rumors and secrets in my school that I couldn’t even tell if the rumors were true lmao.

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do i like spilling the tea? nah. but gettin some? yaaa :joy:


Lmao yeah. I don’t spill the tea that much lol.

I love spilling the tea :rofl: that’s honestly my fav thing next to drinking sweet tea and rap snacks


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