Do you like the Episode Forums update?


Tbh i love it, i thought it was a bit strage the way the Epy Forums didn’t looks the same as the actual app, but they updated it and it looks pretty cool, i like the way it’s kinda like facebook-ish kinda maybe, and the way it’s a multicoloured site just like the app, before it didn’t look like an actual trust worthy site, maybe because it didn’t look like episode? idk, but now it’s fukin sickkkk


I like it BUUUT when you search things in Google like ‘how to get different coloured choices’ and ‘character customization templates’ and a form came up, if you click on it now then it takes you to the form home page and you can’t access that form


yeah, i was just thinking that, normally i copy and paste because this person gave me a template and now i can’t find it so i have to make it myselfffff :joy::disappointed_relieved:


Ikr… I actually have to think now xDD


sameee :joy::joy:


no, it’s sick and confusing
i cant access anything.
but it’s okay
keep up the good work episode!!!


Nup not at all!! I posted a “Give me stories to read” thread before the new update and cannot seem to find it or acccess it from anywhere! It isn’t fair and it’s driving me crazy trying to search for it.


No. Sure, it looks more attractive but past posts on the forum (before this update) are gone (or I can’t actually find it) and it actually pisses me off.


Closing due to inactivity :slight_smile: