Do you like to CC LIs/friends?

  • Just LIs
  • LIs and friends
  • Only friends
  • I don’t like to cc anyone who isn’t the MC

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If so, why, and what do you tend to make them look like?

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In all honesty, I don’t particularly like customising the MC. If you’re going to have customisation I would recommend having a canon name which readers can use if they don’t want to name the character or play as themselves.

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Yeah, sometimes it’s nice to get a fresh perspective, I forgot about that

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I hate having to customize friends.

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yeah? just for time reasons or

Given the choice I’ll make them look like this

these people are friend shaped

Beat me to saying it! I really don’t like it, it’s too long and it makes me feel like the author is a bit uncreative.

it does take a while tbh. depends on how they look initially on whether I wish I had cc or not

Honestly, I prefer limited to no customization. This gives the author more freedom to use body overlays, describe characters, and art scenes. I like to see how the author imagined the characters, not how I imagine characters.