Do you listen to story playlist?

I wanna make a playlist for my story but I don’t see them often. Do you guys actually listen to the songs suggested/playlist if a story has one?


I dont personally cause of because.

Really bc its not my type of music

if it’s a story i’m really invested in, i love listening to the playlist because it gives me insight as to author’s visions for their characters/story

though i wont listen to the playlist while i read if the story already has sound (if it doesn’t have sound then i’d give the playlist a try)


I don’t listen to playlists unless I’m invested in the story. Usually they’re not intended to be played while playing the story anyway, but as an addition to it, which is why I listen to them after the story/chapter is done. As for song recs, I play them until the scene feels like it doesn’t need it anymore.

i’ll only listen to it if its something i’m really invested in, or if it’s a playlist that you’re meant to play during the story

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I really want to but i can’t concentrate in reading while listening to music

Only when my companion shares playlists for their ongoing and future stories :joy: , otherwise…ummm…nope I dont listen to playlists that often :face_with_peeking_eye: