Do you look like your character details?

We all have them. I think. When you CC your character in stories, do you make them look like you? Or slightly different? If so, do you think you actually look like your details, or do no features fit exactly as you look?


:joy: I mean idk if I look like my character but I think there are some features that fit how I look. But I never customize the mC to look like me literally ever :duck:


I tend to CC my main characters slightly differently, even in different races because I don’t necessarily see the point of keeping making them look exactly like me, you know :sweat_smile:? Though I do CC my MCs as Chinese at times

That being said, I Guess my character details are slightly accurate, it’s just like my nose (a bit wider and rounder IRL I think) and my hair (my hair grows fast, but it’s not insanely Long yet)


I very rarely CC the main character to look like me, I only do it in a few select stories. :joy: I prefer using characters of my own or creating new ones and new looks myself. But I have been told that my character details do look a lot like me irl from people who have seen my face. lol


Depends if I’m going into the story and expecting to like it… Also depends on how much CC is available. I started out putting myself in stories, then I slowly just gave up coz some stories just made it a task and a half so I was only changing small details here and there. Then I started inserting my friends into the story and that made everything 10 times funnier… Do I actually look like my character? I mean… I don’t know. I feel like the nose I use isn’t quite right atm, but all the other noses don’t match either, and I tested out a different lip shape in someone’s story because I had a feeling I was making myself too pretty?? But the lips don’t look right either. I guess I’m as close as I can be with the features provided.


There were stories that the skins tones didn’t even get close to mine. Others when I changed the character, it’d look adopted because the family wouldn’t change with it…
Then, I became lazy and skip CC :sweat_smile:
The only story I didn’t have to cc but felt close to the MC was Phyric from Christina Dawn.

Also there’s no chubby face so… :eyes:


Do I look like my character? You tell me.

Will probably delete at some point

When playing an actual story, it honestly depends on my mood. Sometimes I change the character to look like me, especially if we’re asked to choose a name. Sometimes I keep the character pretty much as is, although I may change one or two features.


i think you look like like ur character!

also happy birthday @Nessya

But yeah, I usually just make some random person most of the time if it’s romance. If i’m reading a billionare story i don’t want them to be like: “Rumi” it just feels weird lmao.

I think I look a bit like my details. but i have “different mouths for different situations in real life.”


I think I look like my details? Uh- at least the eyebrows and lips are correct. I’m still torn between skin color because my face is pinkish like Rose while the rest of my body is oliveish like Gold skin tone.

I don’t consider hair as a feature, I just imagine I’m wearing wigs lol. My hair color is actually red right now, but I like using black more on Episode. (I don’t like the red colors lol)

I always change my character slightly (like the one on my pfp right now), I can’t trust stories, I don’t want to see my character getting pregnant…


It makes sense.

I’m the opposite, weak to red hair :sweat_smile:


I normally make the mc look like me as much as I can except for the hair colour, I always vary in that because I think that if I can’t constantly dye my hair In life then I may as well do it in episode :joy:


Honestly it depends on the story. Most of the time, I leave the character as the way the author designed them. Especially if their design is something special to them. But I have cc’d myself as a character from time to time.

Hmmm…the portal is missing a nose similar to mine which drives me crazy because the one I’m currently using isn’t all that accurate. But apart from that, I’d like to think my character details are pretty close to me. :stuck_out_tongue:


I change it up for different stories but normally they resemble me.
My details kinda look like me?
I have more brownish hair and grey eyes but they don’t have a brownish blonde in ink

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I give them the same features as me, but I change the colors, usually…
I feel awkward playing as myself most times lol.

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only the hair and skin color look the same. my character details are much prettier

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I like having MC be their own character rather than be me. Though sometimes, stories that are specifically designed to be played as yourself are fun - I think those are far and few in between though.


I don’t do CC, unless the author chooses a feature I really dislike: in that case I change that one thing (it’s usually the nose or the mouth.) I play as myself only in one story, and that’s because in that one the CC was taken from my avatar, and I just left it like that. I actually love the MC in that story, so this was lucky haha

I somewhat look like my character, but the main difference is that my hair is actually brown. When I was a teen, I always wanted to try dying it to pink, but everyone talked me out of it, so I never went for it. And now I’m over it, mainly because of my age, but on Episode I’m pretending that I’m still young :smiley:


I actually customize my mc in stories the way I see them fitting the role, so yeah, a really different character. In my details I kinda look like my character with slight changes, in ll I made her look really different because I’m not really proud of certain features, but y’know for privacy purposes as well :)))


You what?!
Our entire friendship is based on a lie. Bye.


Depending on the story, I will cc the mc to look me. Typically when I have the option to type in my own name. I think I look very identical to my character. Except my nose is a lot bigger and my hair texture isn’t quite the same, but that’s episode fault lol. :laughing: