Do you need a co-writer? I'm free currently. Hit me up! (CLOSED)

Hey, I’m Lynn Ann.
I’m new to writing, and I’ve recently published a story last month, and I had successfully completed my story! (I only took a month+ to direct 23 chapters, and about 1-2 months prior in coming with the story idea and script.)

So, currently I do not plan to publish a brand new long story. I am only going to publish a short story soon.
But I am willing to help out any of you new writers out there in writing.

I am capable of giving story ideas, creating characters and the basic stuffs.
Coding and advanced directing may not be my strongest point, but I did improve overtime.
I can still help you minimally though.

The link below is my story:

If you are interested of having me as your co-writer, you can see my style of writing/directing etc from my story.
My first few chapters may be weak, but if you do read like from chapter 8 onwards, I did improve gradually.
Hit me up in this thread or pm if you are interested.

I do not have IG, so that might be inconvenient for some of you, sorry for that.

And since I may not have much free time, I am open to help till the end of February. But don’t worry, if you will like me to be your co-writer, I will be committed to co-write with you for the next few months.

Hope I will be able to help one of you.

Update: Its 1st of March, thus, I will no longer receive new request. But I am still available for the current writers. Thank you!

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I’m interested

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