Do you need a cover? I can help!

I can create both small and large edited covers! If you need one just comment down below what you would like on the cover. (e.g- characters, title, by ___, any extras, specific backgrounds)

If you have any characters you would like on the cover make sure to write the characters description and what outfit you would like them in!

Do you have examples?


Hello! I was wondering if you could make me a cover and the title of the story is “him and I”
I want it too be bad ass like the girl is holding a gun and she has beach waves and her hair is black and her skin color is tanned and she has her back against a guy who has hair that’s green you can choose the hair style for the guy just make him sexy and his back is against the girls back and his skin color is also tan and he has a smirk on his face❤️.