Do You Need A Cover?

D’any of you guys need a cover?
Well you’ve come to the right place!

If you want a cover, find me on PicsArt. My profile on PicsArt is Episode_Gurl. If you already have PicsArt, great! If you don’t;
Haha, just kidding. It would certainly help if you had it though.

Yes, I know you’re probably thinking; Why can’t I just find her on Instagram???
Well guess what? I. Don’t. Have. Instagram. Okay there, I’ve said it, and that is a HUGE sacrifice seeing as you’re now probs gonna go right into that comment box and comment how much of a granny I am. Anyway, back to the cover requests that you’ll be finding me on PICSART for, not Instagram, that is if you want a cover request…

As I’ve said, my PicsArt name is Episode_Gurl, and if you want an Episode cover, comment what you want, what the title is, what you’d like on the cover, what the character(s) on the cover look like ( if there’s characters/a character on it ), and what the character(s) wear. That is, once again, if there’re characters on it. Comment all of these on one of my PicsArt pics!

Also, I forgot to add that I can only make Episode Ink covers! So unfortunately no Limelight or Classic requests…

I’m also happy to make profile pics, Episode intros, Episode outros, and Episode edits for you if you request it on PicsArt for me to make!:slight_smile:

Bye guys! :):grin:

Is it realistic art that you see on the covers of loving Latino, hunting bad , or Apartment 147?

I don’t really know what you mean, but I give the characters makeup, contour or blush, and I often draw on the clothes.

Can you just draw this character in a white background? (I’ll like it more if the background was cut, but you choice)

Thanks, I really appreciate that you help people by drawing art covers.

Yeah, that’s what I meant by realistic. some people that make backgrounds just copy and paste characters and then put a background behind them… could you maybe show me some of your art, if you’ve done any, so that if I say that i don’t like it it wouldn’t be a waste of your time.

I haven’t done any arts, I’m pretty bad at drawing… That’s why I need your help.

I need a cover for my H&V story and was wondering if you could help

Oh snap! I haven’t said this but I don’t draw them IRL… I make edits with them…I’m so sorry I couldn’t help, and it’s my fault I haven’t written that I edit them.

And with these edits, if they’re nude Episode characters, I draw on the clothes with Ibis Paint X.

It’s fine. When I’ll need help with editing I will just ask you if you can.

Hi I am really sorry to bother you but could I have a cover art thing ! I don’t know what it’s called :joy: so I have a couple of requests ( well a lot :slight_smile: ). My first thing is my story name is called secrets. For the cover could I have like a girl : female generic eyes (deep blue) ,face shape diamond, skin colour (beige rose), short wavy hair ombre (medium blonde), thick styled eyebrows (black), full heart pouty lips (peach matte) I think that’s it.

I was thinking for the cover I could have the girl that I just mentioned wearing a white pendant necklace that has a lock on it to put a key on it and it would be nice if I could have her holding a key and wearing an outfit either: cherry red suede skirt with akio crop top in white. OR the silk deep red cowel neckhalter dress. I haven’t give you the shoes because I would like the picture to just be of her like chin with a bit of her body that like goes up to like her stomach.

I don’t know if you know what I mean I tried to explain it the best I could (when you try your best but you don’t succeeeeeeed) sorry :joy: so yeah also this style is episode limelight. Thank you and sorry xx

I’m very bad at Limelight covers, seeing as I don’t have the supplies to make the characters then put them on the cover… I specialise in Ink. I’m so sorry kirsty886!

The person who sent you that email was my sister im very sorry

Hi, it’s me again, sorry to bother you, again, but would you be able to make my cover.

Hey I’ve found someone else to do my background so. Thanks.

Can i have a cover about a new girl it dont need a customization just Limelight xxx Its called The New Queen

Layla, if you’re requesting a cover, you need to do it on PicsArt, on 1 of my edits, if you do it there, you can also see the quality of my edits and decide if you want to ask me or not. Sorry if I sound mean! I just need people to go to PicsArt and request. Sorry!

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: