Do You Need A Limelight Edit?

I submitted a request. :wink:

Requested :two_hearts:

Hi if its not too much trouble pls send my a list of names of the eye,lip ,and harie colours. I’m new and I cant find it on the resources section

Are you still working on these requests or no?

Hi! Is this thread still open? :slight_smile:


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Not at the moment

Edits are open for a limited time

I did a form :slight_smile:
Sry its confusing ;(

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I filled out a form! Thank you!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kiss:

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Are You Still open?

Can I have one with a girl with
Skin: Rose 03
Eyebrow: Arched natural, color: black dark
Hair: Short Wavy Ombre with color: Black dark
Eyes: Deepest Down turned with color: Brown Black
Face: Heart Soft
Nose: Round Button
Lips: Medium Heart Natural with color: Peach Gloss

Can she be posing with a terrified pose and wearing a green tank top with brown shorts?
Edit a tape on her mouth and some scars on her arms.
On the top or middle of the screen, can it be written “Psycho”?