Do you need a writing partner?

Heyy guys,
I like to write stories and help other people out with writing their stories. I also saw that some people want writing partners, so if you need a writing buddy just text reply or send me a PM and I would be happy to help you out!


I would like a writing partner

please help me need writing partner bad at coding episode and have a problem

you can be in my writing group if you want to be i have some members that can help you in coding

here’s the problem

how do I get into the group

well what are you best at in episode

well at lola starts make out you have to use the command

@character starts kiss_makeout_start

the one you used is only when you want them to be talking and and makeing out at the same time


and i need you to give me your email so i can add you
the chat is on google hangouts

Hey I am working on my first story can you help me?

Just pm me your email and I’ll add you

just added you

thanks should I ask people in there

Could you maybe talk in PM?

yeah they are extemely friendly they are very very nice

I would like/need one. I have a great idea (one that I haven’t seen), and as this is my first story. I’m having a little trouble with how I’d like my story to flow.

I will try and help you. PM me with your idea and then we can work on it. :smile:

PM you how? (I’m still very new in all of this, lol) on Insta? Or?

@Jeremy could you close this post. I already found my writing partner.

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