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Hey! I’m EpicAlyssa1250! But most of my friends call me Epic, Alyssa, EpicA and so on and so forth. If you need help writing your script then you’ve come to the right place! Although I’m a little new myself and only know certain things I will be willing to help you in anyway I can! So just message me with your problem and I will be there to help as soon as I can! And yes I will review your story if you would like me to! See ya and keep writing!


Hello! I have a script problem

I want the mayor to stand on screen left and face right as soon as the scene opens

Here ya go!

@MAYOR stands screen left AND MAYOR faces right
@MAYOR starts think_rubchin

Thank you so much!

You are very welcome! Don’t be afraid to ask if you have any more problems!

I read the first chapter and besides some grammar errors and transitioning and the black and white filter at the end it was good!

I would suggest checking your grammar and using & instead of @ when doing transitions and filters otherwise it’s really good and I encourage you to keep writing and I will definitely keep reading.

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Moved to Directing Help & Tips as that’s where scripting questions belong! :v:t2:

Hi there! I have a problem. How you make you make your caracter NOT appears in screen when you “chat” is there a command I have to use?

  1. You can put them offscreen

For example

@cut to zone 2

@CHAR stands screen center in zone 1

I’m talking, but you can’t see me loll

  1. Or you could use the NARRATOR bubble and add the CHAR’s name

Hey! I’m talking but I’m not actually here.

How do you make a character follow another off screen?

Yup! Sorry I wasn’t able to get to you so quickly I’ve been so busy!

@CHAR1 exits left AND CHAR2 exits left


Thank you!


I have another problems. I want to use INT. CAFE- DAY but I want my characters to be behind the counter, how do I put them there?

If you just want to have CHARs behind the counter and not in front of it then I recommend using the background INT. CAFE2 - DAY

But if you want CHARs in front and behind the counter, you need to add an overlay

How can you add an overlay?

Here’s a helpful guide made by the incomparable @Dara.Amarie:

Let me know if you still have questions

Thank you!