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Thank you so much for everyone who has been replying! I’ve been so busy with school and the amount of snow I get up here I haven’t been on in a while, so thank you!

Just a quick tip, it should be “&MAYOR stands screen left AND MAYOR faces right AND MAYOR is think_rubchin”. You always add the name.

I want to switch my account on the website but it always goes back to my old account

Are you using different google accounts? Make sure your Gmail is logged on another account then try to log on the portal

You mean also log in in like YouTube?
If you me a that it doesn’t work

Have you tried signing out of all accounts then signing in to just your actual account like what @Apes said?

Yep doesent work😓

You must be logged to your other account.

Yes and I would like to change that

Clean your browser history, log on another google account, and try to log into the portal

Thanks I will try

I have a Problem with my Outfit choice.
I have drifferent categories of Outfits like “pants”, “Shorts” and so on.
In this categories are different Outfits .
If the Reader choose “try something else” they see the categories again. But I want them to stay at the Outfits of the categorie 'til they choose “try other categories”.
I hope you can follow my Train of thought and you could help me with my problem

Here’s the link to the dressing game like this made by @Dara.Amarie

Thank you =)

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There is something i wanna know too.
I wanna let letters fade in.
I have These letters as overlays.
Do you know how I could do this?

@overlay LETTER opacity 0 in 4

that’s mean letter will fade out completely in 4 seconds

More about Opacity here:

what if you wanna remember a choice from a previous episode? what do I type?

Here’s a guide made the awesome @Dara.Amarie in choices:

Hey, I’m not sure if you can help me with this but I’ve started writing a new story and I prefer previewing my story on the app than my laptop because it’s much easier for me but when I go onto the create section on the app I can’t seem to find my story anywhere. It has never happened before so I was wondering if you know what could be the issue with it?