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So I’m a complete newb at writing stories and being on here in general. I have read over all the tips and tools to making a new story on here but can’t for the life of me find anything about resizing characters? I need a few characters at the beginning to be small so that they represent their younger selves whilst explaining a bit of their past or background before I can continue on with the main part of the story.

Any help would be greatly appreciated ^-^’

You have to use spot directing :slight_smile:

Ahh thankie so much kind person~!

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i need help making her walk too the house and get smaller the closer she gets…

Could you give me a basic template for a choice of dinner food?

Why is this wrong

you need @ before transition fade out black

oh ya that too but how about the error with { because that’s still there and i dont know how to fix it

You need to post more script

thanks it worked

How do you change your characters hair style back to their normal style in the next scene?

@CHARACTER changes hair into Style

Thank you and is that the same for lipstick colour too?

@CHARACTER changes mouthColor into Color

Okay thank you :slight_smile:

How do i fix these?

You have more than one of these labels, you need to rename them or add a number or something in the second changing game

For example:



the duplicate label means you already used it once change it to dressinggame_3 for example

If the label is never used means there’s no goto anywhere, you need to add it

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