Do you need help with your story?

Hi everyone, I’m generally new to the whole Episode writing thing, but I’ve been writing for years on other apps and in real life (writing workshops, creative writing classes, etc ), and I’ve been playing Episode for years.

Long story short, I’m looking to help people with their own stories! Though I’m not too good at the coding part, I’d literally love to help other people with things involving Episode. Whether it’s proof reading, reviewing, brain storming for ideas, character design, whatever!

You can message me on here if you need too! :heart:


Um hi, is it okay if you can help me brainstorm some ideas? :sweat_smile:

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i’ll definitely ask you for help if i need it🖤

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Need your help. I’m working on my story but I lack a whole lot of ideas to use in order to make it interesting. Was supposed to have published the updated version of my story since but I’ve been procrastinating for so long

I can come up with some ideas for you.