Do you need story reads? Promote your story here and I will read it if you read mine! No Ghosting!

Thank you for posting! I will def do a R4R with you! Just give me some time, I am finishing other R4Rs. :heart:


Sure. Dm me on insta and let me know your opinion on my story, and I’ll give you mine on yours.

My insta is @raven_author

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Thanks Guys
here is a pic of my new story cover

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Do you want a R4R? Please send your story link.

I am interested in doing R4R with you! :blob_hearts:

Title: A Valentine’s Surprise
Genre: Romance
Author: YEN
Description: Chocolates. Roses. Love letters. These things never excite you, as well as your best friend Shane. Will a trip to San Francisco change both your perspective about Valentine’s Day?
Instagram: @yen.epi


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Great! I’ll start your story now!

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Thank you! I’ll start yours soon. I’m just finishing some stuff. :blob_hearts:

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