Do you plan what happens in your story?



I was wonderingg, I don’t plan what happens in my story like of course I plan like a plot twist and all of that but when i’m just generally writing I just improvise. So what do you do

Okay bye now I need to not get distracted and keep writing my story :heartbeat:


Most of the time I improvise like you… But that works for me, since I do sort of stand alone type of episodes.

I only have one story that I have in detail planned out before even writing and as much as I have found it super helpful, I will probably stick with my improvisational method of planning


I get a few sheet of paper and start writing everything I have planned for my story and each character. Since I have a good memory, I usually keep the plot twists in my head.


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that’s smart, when i tried once to write down my ideas than use it I did everything mostly different in the end so i thought no point if i’ll most likely change it up


I wing it for the most part. I bran storm main that’s about it.


Same @Bethany1

I have what the main story line is about (but for the most part I just wing it lol)

I write whatever comes to mind and even though I’m too lazy to edit for grammar mistakes, I force myself to :sweat_smile:

Although I lost one of my notebooks for a story (at home) so it’s going to be on hold for a while :roll_eyes:


You got a storyy?! :scream:


She has three :eyes:


One of my stories was from a crazy dream I had. So I am just going with the flow.
But my other story. I actually know how I want it to end. So it depends. I guess.


Can you pm me the link :thinking: ?


everyone’s just having a covo while i casually am writing my episode story, lol.

Are you proud I wrote 200 lines today


I kind of have a basic idea of how the story is going to go. But yeah I improvise a lot of things that happen. I don’t ever really know what’s gonna happen when, it just happens.


I also have my story in my head - where it should goes. But that’s only the basic plot. A lot of the other stuff is just improving and following where it goes :hugs:


I usually plan out only the main conflict and decide how I want the story to end. Everything else is so random that I often find myself stopping at some point and wondering: “Okay, seriously, what the heck is this about?”
I tend to rewrite the first 3 chapters over and over again and at the end of the day I still think it’s a crap. It usually gets easier with later episodes, because by episode 4-5 I usually know the direction I want the story to go.


I am very extra when it comes to planning dialogue & the outcome of the given episode and I always review my work to make sure the dialogue is natural.

I am gonna attach some pics to really prove the extra behaviour (photo attachment is pretty extra too)


However, a lot of ideas just come to me randomly and I then incorporate these into the plan I had made.


Wow, I wish I was this organized, like in anything I do…


I first write my story on docs like a whole script with dialogues and narrations. Once i am satisfied with what i have, I copy paste it on portal and then start coding it. It is easier to me that way. When i get an idea, or want to improvise everything I write it down in a proper script way on docs first. And when I write it on portal then i modify accordingly if needed.


Haha thank you - writing wise I seem organised but I can assure you I am a mess :joy::ok_hand:t5: