Do you prefer chapters start instantly or with an intro?

I’m currently creating a story and am struggling to decide how to start each chapter. I know a lot of people hate really long introductions but I was wondering if people like introductions at all?

Would you prefer each chapter starts with an introduction or would you prefer the chapter goes straight into the story? And would you refuse to read a story if it started in either one of these ways?


It’s probably best just to show your splash then go straight into your chapter (:


I like an intro into the story


a small intro or a recap :slight_smile:

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I like intros they make me feel some type of way :relieved:

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I prefer a short and sweet intro nothing too long and drawn out otherwise I just click away.


I like when stories jump straight in. Most introductions I read tend to drag on, which runs into “telling not showing” territory.

I have quite long opening credits for season beginnings and ending credits for season endings, because I like to credit everyone without the reader having the ability to skip and it also allows me to present a movie-like aesthetic, but the rest of the chapters have a quick warning to remind readers of flashing lights, coarse language etc. and whatnot and then straight to the chapter. I personally, hate waiting so… if it takes a minute or longer before I can read each chapter (like really slow transition fades or the tappable overlays taking forever to fade in/appear) - I get annoyed, but it doesn’t stop me from reading. :see_no_evil:


When I read stories, at the beginning of the first chapter I like when it uses backgrounds and maybe pans whilst the main character shares maybe a philosophy, nothing really personal but I think this gives the story some depth. This can be done too long or unnecessary to the story however so maybe try being careful with an intro.
I honestly don’t like the character intro and would like to come up with my own opinions and find out what they’re like for myself.
I don’t think I would click off, unless there are too many intros.
I wouldn’t click off if there was no intro because I like when a story starts at an interesting, capturing scene too. :smile:

I prefer to jump straight in, but I’d only stop reading if the intros were excessively long (like an entire full scene of recap). The ones that just repeat the last couple lines of the previous episode are fine, but more of a recap than that gets redundant and boring for me.

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