Do you prefer customising your own character?

Do you prefer being able to create your own character when starting stories rather than having one already made by the author?

I personally prefer being able to customise my own because I find them more personal and just makes the overall story more enjoyable. However I’ve got an idea for a story and I know how I want the mc to look, as it represents their personality and the whole stories theme; therefore she must look a specific way. Although I’m worried people won’t understand this and will want to create their own…?

What are your thoughts?

I prefer limited cc. I love when the author already has a cultural/racial background for a character, but still let’s me make the character a bit more mine.


I feel that it is completely acceptable if the author wants to keep the character the way they made them so that they can be described in the story, lack of customization in my opinion does not take away from the story at all. Good luck with your story, if you want anyone to review it for you when you have written it, I would love to help.

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Oh my god that’s such a good idea! Why didn’t I even think of just doing that :grin: Thank you so much, I think I might try and incorporate this idea into my story :heart:

Ah thank you I’m glad you think that. I guess it enables the reader to have more context and makes the story more unique. Awe bless, I will definitely let you know if I do go ahead and write it! :heart:

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I think it’s totally up to you. Personally I like to customize them simply because I feel like my preferences might be a bit different than what the authors generally think of. But it doesn’t deter me in any way and I especially understand if you have custom art as the reason why you want to not have them CC.

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Awe okay thanks, yeah I do get what you mean though, it makes the story more engaging for the reader. And sure, I’ll have a look sometime :kissing_heart:

Same, I actually find it quite fun! Thank you for your feedback. I might try and make a cc but only provide a few options of things to change; that way putting both ideas together :heart:

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My advice is to keep a pre made character made by the author for the first two or three episodes so the reader has a chance to get to know the character.

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Ahh that’s a good idea, thank you! :heart:

Yes I do because you can choose all the items and don’t have to worry about the ones the system gives u

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Okay, thank you for your feedback! :heart:

No problem

It really depends on the story. I like customizing a character when the story is designed as an author insert, choose your own path, or a reality show type story, but if it’s a story where the author has a very clear vision of what her characters are supposed to look like and what traits they must have, then I prefer not to customize them.

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Ah right okay, thank you for your feedback! I think I might leave only a few things that the user can change, so it doesn’t change too much of the characters appearance but still allows cc. :heart:

I find creating your own character tiring if it appears in too many stories, it can also seem strange when there are siblings and parents already coded in which look absolutely nothing like “you”. It is a fun aspect though.

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Yep I get what you mean, especially when writers take up the whole first episode for you to customise your character, and the story doesn’t start until episode 2. :expressionless: And I agree about the parents thing as well, it just doesn’t make you seem to fit into the story. :kissing_heart:

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