Do you prefer male or female friends?


Binary: She/Her

I just wanted to ask because personally, I highly prefer male friends. Yes, they’re all straight. I feel like a lot of people my age group who are females, also on fourms, are stereotypical. So while I do have some female companions, my friend group mostly resolves around male.

I have been judged because of this because of obvious, naive gender separation in teen years, along with overlooked sexism.

So I ask you, Male or Female (Please provide your gender.), which gender of friends do you prefer?




I would like to have an equal amount of female and male friends. But I have a lot of female friends right now, with only one male. I would like to have more male friends at this time. So right now, I’d prefer male. If that makes sense.:sweat_smile:


Crystal clear, though the wording fogged up the point a little. :grin:


I’d say male because they’re easier to talk to and sometimes girls don’t understand stand you (especially if your kinda tomboyish like me which most other girls judge me on :woman_facepalming:) and they take things to personal and with boys they kinda understand you more.


Heya so your question is interesting but I don’t have a answer to it.
I have male and female friends and I think that they are all sweet and amazing!
And for me it doesn’t matter if they are guy or a girl as long as they are nice.


I always love hanging out with my girl friends
But guys don’t start drama over anything really and they’re more basic, which is easier for me. I’m basic :joy:


Oh. I’m not really good at explaining things. I have one male friend. Just one. I have a lot of other female friends that I love with all my heart. But I would also love to have more male friends. I am a girl and it would sometimes be nice to talk to a boy every once in a while. I kinda get annoyed with my other male friend. (I still love him):joy::joy::joy:I’m so cringy.:grin::woman_shrugging:t5::joy::laughing:


Having friends of either gender is fun, but guys are way easier to let loose around, ya know?


I would honestly rather have a male friends! Now my Bff is a female and I love her to death…but all my other friends are pretty much males! And it sucks because you can’t be friends with a male…or else you must be hooking up with him!

wich is not true


Yeah, plus the girls (in my school), as I like to say: “The reason why stereotypes exist” and when the girls in my class tried to steal the seat of the boys at the desks I said “NO, go back to your seat please. I really can’t stand all girls around me.” They looked at me kind of weird and said “HOW? Hello, it’s boys we’re talking about here!?”


I prefer both genders! You can never have too many friends.


Mine is too, but we use a different term don’t steal it, it’s special :joy: we call it: Infinity Friends.


Hmm, never really had any friends growing up lol but I’ll go with having a girl friend since now, I’ve met a few recently and they are really awesome, fun to talk to.

I don’t have any guy friends at all, except my brother, but am sure they are fun, too ^^

It really doesn’t matter what your friend’s gender is; their personality matters the most and how they treat you.


Lmao I won’t steal it


Ikr I can’t stand some of the girls because they’ll sit by umyou but then talk about you to your friends about how ‘weird and stuff’ you are


But to be honest, the only reason I really talk to her is that she’s not like other girls that act all preppy, she’s up to argue her point and everything, admits her wrongs, and she has this weird unique personality. Like this bootiful thing replying! :tipping_hand_woman:t4:‍♀


I have more male friends, I found myself a lot more comfortable with them. Then, most of the girls in my village are complete bitches walking clichés of the popular girl/mean girl. Then, males mostly dom’ care if I’m not femmine, girls always have to ANNOY ME UNTIL I START TO SCREAM.
Also, most if the girls in my zone are afraid I’m going to hit on the or are homophobic, which is not really the best for a gay girl ¯_(ツ)_/¯
I mean, boys also are homophobic, but when I told one my of my male friends that I had a crush on our girls classmates, he didn’t even said a thing about the fact that we were both girls, but had the same “I’ll tease you forever about your crush” that people have for a straight crush.


Yes, I know. But probably it’s because of their stages. I only know one boy who doesn’t overly use a gay ‘meme’ with others.


Thanks :rofl::joy:


YES! I don’t have to really watch what’s I say around them that much as I have to do with people my age group.