Do you prefer male or female friends?


She was like “Heyyy, Kylie! See you later!”


I’m Female I prefer male friends. Less drama


Preach for the priest :joy:


i personally hang out more with guys because i relate more to guys with my life than girls ig baahahahaa


Preach for the priest again.


I am a female who’s quite boyish.

I enjoy having a few girls as my friends who I talk to most of the time, but all my friends are boys.


honestly same like im a “tomboy” but i usually only talk to my girl friends about like who i like or about who i am dating or like girl stuff with our bodys, yaknow?


Honestly I’ve just been rocking with a group of guys as long as I’ve remembered. I’ve had a few female friends come into my life, but those guys know how to stick with me lol.




I don’t prefer either, honestly. It’s really completely about the person. I may have more male friends, but that’s not because I only seek one gender to friend. It’s because I know more guys with personalities I like.


I am girl :upside_down_face: nah…I am da ship SHisTer :shushing_face:
And my most Friends are girl , but I have 2 boys friends , but I didn’t chat with them that much :thinking: gladly my friends didn’t act like the typical girls :grin: or I would have push them from the cliff :smiling_imp:


For me it’s not really about the gender. I guess it’s more dependent on the people who attend my school, and at my school, I know more nicer girls than guys. At my school there are a lot of people who fulfill gender stereotypes (there’s no problem with people like that, I just find that I make friends with people who are like me), not just girls. My close friends have wildly different personalities; I feel like I only have female friends since I met them when I was in kindergarten and that was when I was taught all that sexist stuff where girls can’t be friends with boys. Now I don’t make many new friends so I’ve just stuck with them.


Yeahhhhhhhhhhh guy bestfriends all the way I cannot deal with women


Idk, when the girl doesn’t have an unique personality, I’m just like: What’s up, males. When I say I prefer guy friends, the boy-friends always smile XD


Same same a lot of the girls at my school are all like OOF MAKEUP YAS LETS IMPRESS THE GUYS
like bih what. wassup males


Makeup is itchy, I wore some for Halloween, I HATED IT! I never wore it again after that. Plus, I became more religious and stopped celebrating.


I don’t deal with makeup the more I cant touch my face the more I want to and end up looking like a racoon


And plus: Who does that, how do you not flinch when your putting eyelashes on it whatever they do.


xD Faxxxx


The most I wear to make up is lip gloss, I like shiny things my precious