Do you prefer No CC, Limited CC or Full CC in stories, don't forget the overlays!


The question is a bit weird but I’ll explain.

No CC results stuff like character overlays, which are really cool! Limited CC is fun as well, you get to make limb overlays since reader can’t change the skin color, I’ll give an example to all.

FULL CHAR (no cc at all)

LIMB (no skin color customization)

CC, nothing lol :rofl:

So, which one do you prefer? I prefer no CC just like in fine line (amazing story btw) but if cc is needed, limited should be included with hair, eyebrows, eyes, lips, and nose. Colors shouldn’t be touched.

I know you can make limb overlays with full CC but it’s just so much work. -though if you want it I can give u my template cough-


I prefer no CC. I don’t care about overlays one way or another, customization just gets old after a while.


I used to create characters when playing featured stories, too much CC, and the MC is not even relatable :woman_shrugging:


I actually goes with no cc most times , because I am so lazy to even change their look :sweat:and Author made them already look nice. :slight_smile:


Yep, it’s best to leave it the way author seems them, but if the name option is offered, I’ll customize the character :smiley:


I also love to name character , it’s just help me to connect with them easily , rather than some random name​:thinking: . Even then I just typed name and while customisation I click on “looking perfect” (or something like that):sweat_smile: . But I didn’t see many author telling that if you customise you will get to customise name , if you don’t then you need to go with my name


For me I prefer limited customization or just full customization… The reason I don’t like no customization is because I like my character to at least look a little like me… However, I do like limited customization because you get to see all of those overlays and stuff. But, some authors who let you fully customize just ask like “What is your skin tone most like: Light, Medium, or Dark?” and that helps when they want to do overlays… So that’s where I’m kinda torn lol


You’re alive!


Yeah, that’s a nice option but now always skin tones match with the overlays, it’s one of my pet peeves :grimacing:


Yes I am!


Yeah, that’s part of the reason I prefer limited because I hate it when I have my skin tone and then I hug somebody and my arms are a different color lol…


Full CC all the way! Often I just stop reading a story once I realize it has no CC, especially if I don’t like and/or relate with the character.


No CC for me. When I first started Episode I customized everyone and loved it but I quickly became bored and confused by every character looking the same. Now I love no CC, it makes the characters unique since it’s what the author envisioned. I can also usually recognize a certain character from a story because of the way they look. Also it sometimes makes for better stories with advanced directing like overlays and beautiful art. I’ll take that stuff over having the character look like “me”.

Even when it’s offered I usually leave it be. Except for the male’s face, I can’t resist the stubble even though people apparently think its for old guys :joy: :joy:. I personally love it :heart_eyes:


Ya know? I never really thought about it like that! I do often get confused on what story is what because all of the MC’s look the same lol… I think now I’m more open to the idea of no CC… Haha see how in seven hours you changed my opinion :joy::joy: :


Funny how that happens :joy:. I used to get so confused and slowly started to customize less and now I don’t really at all. Definitely easier to tell stories apart now haha.