Do you prefer one LI or multiples?

Sahra here, with a question.

In a story, what do you prefer? Only one Love Interest or multiple?

I personally am okay with both, as long as the multiple Love Interests don’t end up in a love triangle.


Personally I love to have as many Love interests as possible :star_struck: Give me all the mens!!!


I like to be an epihoe… so I’m fine with two even five :wink:


I love multiple love interests because then I can choose whoever suits my preferences best. And it’s fun to replay and see the differences in branches. With one love interest… you better be sure that love interest is good, otherwise I’m out.

Multiple love interests are my guilty pleasure because even if the writing isn’t that great… they can still be fun.

BUT I don’t like love triangles that are written poorly. I like being able to reject or accept LIs as I wish.


I’m fine with any amount as long as we can choose it’s gender / have LIs with both genders :blush:

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I prefer one love interest, because when a good writer adds multiple love interests they make them all so loveable! :disappointed_relieved: Then I feel bad for only choosing one


lol the sad look gets me each and every time!

I like the variety pack lol


I’m going to admit it like many other people, I will legit h*e it up and love having multiple love interests. I will lead them all on until the author tells you to permanently chose one. I like having choices and not only focus on one person. However, I do not mind having one interest, as long as I also have a choice to be single (if I do not like them).


multiple:’) when writer asks what gender should our only li be, my bisexual ass is shaking.


I prefer one

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I don’t mind how many, as long as the MC doesn’t cheat. I don’t fall for LI’s, so :woman_shrugging::man_shrugging::orange_heart:

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Doesn’t matter to me, one or multiple :smile:

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I prefer one or two love interests because I would be overwhelmed if I have too many love interest :joy::joy:


I like to have at least two love interests, this is because I might not like the personality that one of them has and therefore I can choose another option.

Nothing is worse than having one love interest that isn’t even a likeable character. :tired_face:


I prefer one since most writers favor one of the love interests and the ones who want to date the other love interest always suffer -,-


Well, I like to have options :sweat_smile: but it depends on the story. To me some stories work much better with one love interest, but only if their character is really well-written and likeable. I think some authors write multiple LIs just for the sake of it, and as @ELx said, they make it pretty clear who they want the reader to end up with. There’s no point to add another love interest, if you make him/her the most boring character ever.


I do not have a problem with several LIs, but I love when there is just one and it appears that there are more and in the end not everyone is interested in the MC because duh, you are not the only desirable apple hanging from that tree calm the fuck down I do not really like you that way…

Yeah, never read a story like that, but I am sure it would be interesting. A story in which MC can actually be rejected.

Or stories with several relationships that go wrong for one reason or another until MC eventually finds “the one” or ends up alone or…

Ugh. What was the question again?

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I get what you mean!
I play with the thought to maybe do something like that. Or that there are multiple LIs and one of them is your typical ‘aggressive ‘badboy’’ character and the other is just a normal LI.
If you choose the ‘normal’ LI you get a happily ever after, but if you choose the ‘badboy’ you will end up with a broken heart and a mentally abusive relationship. Because, let’s face it, reallife badboys are messed up.

Does that make sense? English isn’t my first language, so it is quite confusing to write a bit longer texts.

Not my first language either, but do not worry, you do make sense :wink:

Go for it. Pre-teens will be in for a surprise when they make the final choice :rofl:

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Maybe I will :thinking: Would be interesting to see the reactions :joy: