Do you read the story if the first chapter is kind of short?


Do you still continue to read a story if the first chapter is kind of short (around 7 minutes), but has a lot of content and ends off on a cliffhanger? Or do you need it to be long?


If it has a lot of content and intrigues me to read further, of course! :smile:


A cliffhanger will definitely get my attention and intrigue me to keep reading!


If it has a lot of content and isn’t just seven minutes where literally nothing happens that advances the story then yes, I’d probably continue. Seven minutes is short, but it could be worse. Is there customisation in episode 1? If there is, I’d personally take that into consideration too when judging if an episode is “too short”.


I guess it depends what happens in those 7 minutes, but I probably would read a few episodes before making a judgment


7 minutes is not too bad. I am not sure if that is more than the minimum 500 word/number per chapter requirement. I have seen stories that just have CC as chapter 1, that is bad. Since it is at least the first chapter and its free, 7 mins is not terrible. If 7 minutes=the 500 minimum, I’d increase it.


Hahaha yes, I hate when the author spends too much time explaining why the episode is so short, and that it will get longer and better later. I’ll just start with customization and jump right in.


yes, but as long as it is still good,


if the character design, directing, and backgrounds/overlays are brilliant, then probably.

if the plot twist is genuinely unique and predictable or cliche, then definetly.

if it’s 7 minutes, don’t spend a portion of those minutes talking about how it gets better or longer. if you can’t believe in your story, how can i believe in it?


that’s a lot of if statements.


Yes. If it’s entertaining, doesn’t matter


7 minutes isn’t too bad. Like others have said, it depends on what happens in that chapter.

If that chapter gives the reader the big picture of what the story is going to be about, then you’ve achieved what you want out of a first episode. If it sets the place and time, introduces the main character(s) and a problem or two that need solving, then ends on a great hook? You’re already doing better than someone with a 10-15 minute episode that drags on with unnecessary backstory and long, painful monologue-style character introductions.



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