Do you really need sounds/musics?

Hey there! So I’m almost done with my story and all I need is sounds! However, sounds are hard for me since I’m HOH and devices are currently under repair. Even when they come back, sounds and music are hard for me, but if the majority wants sounds; I can always try. I need to know if adding sounds is worth it though.

So do you guys really want sounds?

  • I don’t listen to sounds and music
  • I don’t care; Im fine with no sounds/music
  • I really like sounds and music, so I might not read your story
  • I like sounds/music but I can read a story w/o it

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this poll is anonymous btw.


I never turn my volume up, but i’ve seen some writers get hatemail saying their story is boring.

oh because of no sounds? just curios, who are the authors with no sounds if you know any?

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I don’t remember, I think it was a mystery story.

i see

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I actually turn my volume down, this is largely due to the music. I like the sounds but a lot of authors seem to think generic background music adds to the story.

Obviously if you’re in a club it makes sense and sometimes for atmosphere if it’s a scary/tense scene but just a normal conversation does not warrant any music.


yeah that makes sense

My first story had no music/sound. I didn’t feel the need to put it in. My second story has some but not a lot because I still don’t believe it’s necessary but apparently some people really like it. :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Adding sounds isnt something I really NEED.

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thanks for the input!

yeah, i never used sound before cuz i didnt think it was so important


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