Do you remember the old spotlight

Hearing do word spotlight, you would most likely think of the ability to have your character in a small bubble, but that is actually not the only version of spotlight there has existed

once upon a time before limelight, even before ink I think. there was spotlight. characters where you picked between some different versions. and they could make different face expressions.

this format is not available anymore, unfortunately. but it’s nice to look back on,



Wow I remember this haha. It was weird but I strangely miss these characters lmao

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We should bring this back

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you should open a new thread and ask

Ive never seen this before this is so cool, it would be amazing to have it back


WHAT THE HELL :astonished:
that looks so DOPE :heart_eyes:
I never knew this once existed in the Episode Portal

but yeaaaahh!! It would be cool if this comes back in Episode…
looks so goood! :heart_eyes: