Do you reply to spammed emails?

So I saw this video on youtube and so I was thinking well maybe I shout reply to spammers. Along as I don’t use my personal email? If that makes sense…


So I feel like this guy has a point… i wanna waste these people times

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I get these weird spam emails too

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I wanna find some in my email but I get to many notifiations from here lol

Like eww what is all this and I delete it :joy::joy::joy:


omg wow where do I find mine? Now I’m curious

I get those too I’m like, why are these on my phone

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Hmm idk but I wanna start responding to them

I told them to stop and I also empty the all

I’ll show you

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Where it says spam

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oooh lol duh. I was looking at my icloud but I should look in gmail. I wonder if i made a new gmail account if I’ll still get those spam?

Yea maybe :joy:

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the video is so funny lmao

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