Do you... shave your legs?

Sorry not sorry if this is an uncomfortable topic for you. You can leave… or stay lol.

lol also… if this flops… you’ve never seen this thread :expressionless:

ANYWAYS… let’s have a brief history lesson about shaving…
ok so throughout history women have been shaving there legs… Even some Egyptians women shaved every part of there body including there heads. BUT… we’re going to the 1920’s … The company Gillette has a large role in this. Basically this happened…

CEO dude: we’re really struggling to sell razors… I’m going to sit down and talk with my team.
CEO’s team: :eyes:
CEO dude: Yo… how can we sell more razors?
CEO’s Team: How ab-
CEO dude: I got it! Let’s do a campaign to make women believe having hair on there body is really bad and gross.
CEO’s team: Mr. CEO I thin-
CEO dude: but we can’t call it shaving… We can call it “smoothing”

because “smoothing” sounded more feminine. Please remember we’re still in 1920. They also advertised by saying “women of refinement” use it. Also said body hair was “an embarrassing personal problem” another ad said you would be “embarrassed” or “unloved” and to close it “ugly, noticeable and unwanted hair” ~ Gillette in Harper’s Bazaar 2k20s
Also at one point, which pressured more is when men said… “Am I dating a women of refinement”

BUT… anyways lets come back to the present. What’s ur opinion on this all?

My Opinion
All in all… i shave when i want to… did i shave before i made this…yes, yes i did. But even before I shaved did I not shave for three weeks?.. yes, I also did that.

Am I shaming you shaving? No, I will respect your choice! If you wanna shave, go ahead. If you wanna feel smooth, go ahead. We should ALL respect peoples choices.

uuuummmm otherwise… thats it lol. Also i would like to add I was paraphrasing the CEO and his team. I was not in the room where it happened… not trying to quote Hamilton


Mine is less of “shaving legs”, and more of “cutting my ankle, causing a razor burn every fucking time I try to shave my legs”.


lol me to… also around my knees :joy: :sweat_smile:


I just shave mine because I like how it feels :eye::eye:


Why is this in art resources? Do y’all make renaissance paintings outta your leg hair?

(But nah I don’t shave cause I’m bald af lmaooo chinese genes)


I only shave my legs when they’re gonna be on show :eyes: My hair is really dark, making it obvious when I don’t shave :sob:


…me too :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, corporations creating problems so they can make a profit by selling a solution is really nothing new.

I know my mom shaves regularly bc her leg hairs r pretty spikey/sharp when they grow. I, on the other hand, have pretty soft leg hairs so I don’t mind growing them out.

Anyways, I only shave my legs if I care about my appearance enough while wearing something that shows off my legs. I usually wear jeans when I go out. Also, It’s not like anyone is looking at my legs anyways and if they are that’s kinda sus.


bruh the other day I shaved one leg twice instead of doing both and I didn’t realize until hours later :sob:


:sob: … thats so sad

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Me too :joy: in the winter I don’t touch them at all :joy:


Sometimes I shave (if I can be bothered :joy:)
I’ve also used hair removal cream. It’s less work but it stinks :mask::joy:


I shave my legs like every week :rofl:


Ugh and your legs feel slimy before you wash it off :sob:


I have to shave like every couple of days otherwise my leg hair will grow very long and it bothers me.

arab genes gang :pensive: :v:t3: but since it’s quarantine, I only shave when I want to, and because I want to.


I don’t shave my legs. If they are hairy and I’m bothered by it I use hair removal cream
I can stand the smell but it bugs all who enter the bathroom after :joy:


Tbh I never shave my legs because I get lazy but sometime I will do it whenever my legs are exposed like in the summer. I only shave my legs because boy does that hair grow fast plus I have no reason to shave my arm or face really. :woman_shrugging:t5:


I dont shave ANYMORE. I used to despise hair and I used to shave legs, pits, arms, and even the mustache part but now i dont give a crap. and no one cared either
but I never had dark hair anyways


i dont get it :sob: :love_you_gesture: