Do You Still Use Fanmail?


Do readers still give authors fanmail on what they think or view about the stories?

Or fanmailing getting a bit boring for you guys. Lol


I haven’t published my story yet but i will be turning on fanmail for the people who don’t have an episode dedicated instagram :blush:


I have got fanmail before :grin:


Cool! When you publish your story let me know the name so I can give it a read.




Yeah of course :heartpulse:


As an author fanmail is everything to me. :sob:

As a reader if I know the author’s Instagram I may just contact/ ‘follow’ there as it allows for more actual conversation about the story.




Hi all!

Thanks for contributing to this thread and I hope we get lots more feedback! :slight_smile: :+1:


I’ve been getting tons of fan mail!


yes i hope so to lol. When this is done, can you close this topic for me. Not now, but later on. lol


luckyyyy uuuu lol




Not certain what is meant by this. Do you need assistance? As this looks very off topic.



No sorry. @Jeremy it was a dare. :sweat:


I get really lovely fanmail from readers and friends - sometimes it makes me jump when I see the 1 Unread (I get a tad shook)


I get 0 fanmail and makes me feel like I’m talking to myself lol :frowning:


Same with me. Whats your story so i can give you fanmail.


good for u. :slight_smile:


Thanks very much!!