Do you think 3600 lines is too much ..?


I just realized I made my first chapter that long lol and I think it might be too much… I want to know all of your opinions
I personally enjoy when a chapter is pretty long but again idk if it’s too much if it’s about 3600 lines


Long episodes are the best!


It really depends. Have you timed it?
It’s hard to judge by the amount of lines as directing commands, branches, outfit choices, spaces etc are different for everyone.


I actually haven’t lol thank you for reminding me…


Depends what’s in those lines…


Personally I don’t care for super long stories. For most stories, if they are over 15 minutes I start to get bored with it. But it’s hard to say how long your story really is based on the lines.


I’m on my mobile phone I never actually thought about how many lines my story or chapters have how can you tell?


As long as the chapter flows well, it should be fine, but if you read through the chapter and it feels awkward, you should probably shorten it or cut it in half. If you’re really not sure stop writing for a few hours, then go back and read through the chapter and see how you feel about it then. Your perspective changes when you leave and come back.


Right now I think is better to have a simple story (not a complex one) because the people love this kind of stories and isn’t so much to work… :thinking:


I write 1000 lines without branching and it holds about 10 minutes, while others write 3000 for 15 minutes, it really depends on your directing, I suggest getting a beta reader.


Everyone like long chapters, so In my opinion It’s perfect :grin:


I say as long as its around the time range 10-20 minutes, that should be good because again you don’t want the reader to feel bored but again you don’t want the reader to feel like its too short. And yeah most of the directing will take up those 3600 lines! But hey good job!!!:grin:


It depends on how much branching there is. I personally won’t read stories with episodes that take longer than 15 minutes to read unless they’re extremely well-written (Kay Elle is actually the only author I’m willing to read 30-minute episodes from), since I don’t have the time or attention span for that.


For me, I think that it’s good. I mean you could do a longer script but it’s up to you. I’m over 4400 lines because of having three characters to customize in the beginning of my story and name customization. I have the Limelight style, so ok.


Lmfao my one weakness is writing episodes that are entirely too damn long.


They’re written amazingly though, so it works.


It’s more about quality. An important step in writing is knowing when and what to delete!

I suggest the following.

  1. Do a casual read-through at your own pace, and time it so you have an idea on how long it takes to read.
  2. Go through each line and ask the following:

“Does this line serve a purpose?”
“Does this line progress the story?”
“Does this line fit the tone of the story?”
“Is this line written in a way that reflects the characters personalities in an interesting way?”
“Can this line be omitted and the story not alter?”
“Can this line be written better, and be shorted/condensed to be easier to read?”
“Is there something in this scene that can be omitted, and/or included in a later chapter?”

Once you’ve trimmed the fat, give it another read through. A tight narrative is always better than a long, meandering one. Try to stay under 20 minutes.

Good luck!


I like long stories but under 20 minutes :slight_smile: