Do you think a werewolf who hasn't yet shifted for the first time can become a vampire?

So I’m trying to write my plot, or more like figure it out, and I was wondering since I wanna write my story with werewolves and some vampires. Can a werewolf become a vampire if they haven’t shifted for the first time.

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yes and no
the werewolf first shift at 6 or sometimes at the age of 15 or 16
you can’t turn anyone into a vampire that isn’t at least 18 with a bite
there are other processes which can change a wolf into a hybrid after they shift but arent 18 yet like in my storyy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

There is one legend there says if wherewolf die they become a vampire.

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if they die theres no coming back but if their wolf dies (meaning the human is almost dead) they can be turned into vampires

I don’t know spicifc it’s long time since I heard it.

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Hm, there’s so many variations of werewolves stories out there! Like The Wolves of Mercy Falls (best series ever, it’s a published novel series), where a person shifts into a werewolf whenever it’s at a certain temperature. Then you have the more cliche ones, under a full moon.

As it’s a fantasy story, you can make up your own variation. There’s no set rules :heart:

There was a story I read once where vampires don’t get burnt in the sun if they had a magic ring on them. You see what I’m trying to get at? As long as you give a plausible explanation as to why the not shifted yet person can become a vampire.

For example, maybe in the realm that they live in,pfffttt idk, maybe there is some sort of bat that if it scratches you, you automatically start to get those vampire genes. And because they haven’t yet shifted, their wolf gene is just too weak. Maybe they become a wolfpire :sob:

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